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Great nice Photos..
Ashish M. Kaner
28 July, 2014

sir i have read your article in lokmat cnx. photos are very best. i like the article in cnx. i saw all photo on ur website. nice collection and i m also a nature lover.thanx.
rahul patil
28 July, 2014

Amazing work!!! It seems like life is captured in all picturs. Ameet has an eye for life and capturing them in camera!!! Keep it up!!
Dr. Ankush Shinde
3 December, 2013

Lovely collection...Very beautiful...
24 April, 2013

Excellent work Ameet. Glad that you are pursuing your passion and doing cool stuffs...
Hari Das Kumaran
14 March, 2013

Amazing work....keep it up..
10 March, 2013

Great Photography. Really excellent. We met recently in Pune in your reception.
P K Dash
25 December, 2012

Excellent work Ameet and site too. Nice Photos. Keep it up.:)
Sushant P
16 November, 2012

only one word \'Beautiful !\' :)
Parag Buradkar
23 October, 2012

Wonderful photograpy..... :)
raksha singh
27 September, 2012

Vrushali S. Shiragavi
31 August, 2012

Hi Ameet
I visited your personal site. The pictures you have put are amazing. Congrats on the great photography…

29 August, 2012

Nice site and pics. Try to add captions to the slideshow images. Good that you are using Google analytics ;)
Devdatta Sarolkar
22 August, 2012

I say ur website link on face book, and i find ur work really interesting.
keep going buddy, good job.
we are proud of u,
Baljeet Singh
New Delhi

Baljeet Singh
20 August, 2012

New layout is just fab ...... great work
Neha Surjikar
28 June, 2012

Great Work Man...Nice Pics
Manish Chate
3 May, 2012

New layout is awesome man. keep it up.
1 May, 2012

Hi Ameet nice pictures n wish u d. best in everything u click....regards
Ameet Singh
1 April, 2012

Bro... I seen all snap taken by u... Really gr8 work.. Hatts off..
pravin raut
26 Mar, 2012

Nice Photos...
Ashish Shambharkar
24 Mar, 2012

Awesome ..Just awesome. Superb photo clicks with ultimate presentation in form of website.
Siddhesh Deodhar
8 Mar, 2012

I learned from you and from your photos on your website.
thanks to you and all the best to you for your passion for nature and your work.

1 Feb, 2012

Excellent work. But more importantly it is great to see your passion for wildlife and nature..

11 Jan, 2012

Hello Ameet,
Truly awe inspiring photographs. Amazing work. Keep it up!
Thumbs up!

Shrikant Meena
10 Jan, 2012

Great work...Terrific clicks. Keep it up.
9 Jan, 2012

mast photography aahe yar...fantstic.
Sachin Bahatkar
8 Jan, 2012

I was just searching for info for some time. After six hours of continuous Googleing, at last I got it in your web site. It\'s Great, I wonder what\'s the Google\'s issue that doesn\'t rank this type of sites closer to the top. Generally the top sites are full of garbage.
5 Jan, 2012

Excellent Photos
Sameer Keshav Bhagat
10 Dec, 2011

i like your web page design as i am also in designing part,its very interesting ur site is very nice,
arpita saikia
1 Dec, 2011

Great post. I am a normal visitor of your web site and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the nice site. I\'ll be a regular visitor for a long time.
5 Nov, 2011

it\\\'s nice photographs, you have done a really appreciable job
keep it up, let the other people like us get some inspiration from kind of work you are doing
again you are doing fantastic job

atul panchbudhe
27 Oct, 2011

Hi Ameet,
I have visited earlier and after long time i have revisited your website...Its Refreshing...Really nice man...

19 Oct, 2011

Very interesting website
f sagittarius
3 Oct, 2011

Hi Ameet, I went through the photgraphs on your website , they were awesum. Keep on clicking such beautiful photos tofeast out eyes. Please add to the flowers section.
22 Sept, 2011

Very nice site and pictures. I am impressed.
Amitabh Shukla
19 Sept, 2011

Your photos are all beautiful! Keep doing what you love because you do it very well!
19 Sept, 2011

Your Site Is Great
17 Sept, 2011

Hi Ameet, your work is excellent. i like your website. keep it up excellent work.
if you have some time for me please visit my site

vinod khapekar
5 Sept, 2011

Excellent site. It was pleasant to me
25 Aug, 2011

Hi Ameet,
Nice Website, I love your photos and your views about life. I am also an artist and a photographer, and I also have the same view about life so please visit my website at
Nice to meet you....Ghislain.

Ghislain Bonneau
19 Aug, 2011

keep me touch
poorvi jawade
10 Aug, 2011

superb website ameet... very unique and no doubt making a mark... :)..
2 Aug, 2011

Spectacular photos....keep it up!
Dipak D.
1 Aug, 2011

hey amit seen your pic really its altimate
poorvi jawade
24 July, 2011

Hey Amit Xellent Photos,they are really awesome,i am beginner in photography & i am inspired by ur beautiful photographs.
Rahul Shah
6 July, 2011

hey Ameet,
seen the clicks, great work!! especially the wild life one.. its beautiful.. keep on clicking Wild life :) hope to see more..

Chandrakant Raju
17 June, 2011

Love your photography and your website, Ameet. And that you\'re a friend of Robert Wade too!
Inga Harper
13 June, 2011

Excellent work ,keep it up,my best wishes whith u
4 June, 2011

i have seen all your hard work and enthu for wild life photoGpy,it is awesome really awesome.
Shakti singh choudhary
2 June, 2011

It’s been almost a year working with you but never I realized that you could be such multi-faceted personality…….. astounded to see your snaps, splendid work man !!!
Saurabh Verma
30 May, 2011

Dear Ameet I gone through u r site find very interesting is it collection or u have done it all. I reside nr u plot no 25,,,,,,,,,see u
Ashok Umale
23 May, 2011

What a wonderful website, Absolutely amazing!!!
21 May, 2011

U proved it that We belong to this earth not the earth belongs to us.
Ameet Rajankar
14 May, 2011

it\'s nice photographs, you have done a really appreciable job
keep it up, let the other people like us get some inspiration from kind of work you are doing
again you are doing fantastic job

Rahul Kamble
11 May, 2011

U R doing Xlent work...I too hope to do least for the noble work.
23 April, 2011

good work keep clicking
thomson saburaj
20 April, 2011

Ameet lovely pics i am very impressed. Do join us for jungle safari trips if u wish.

Pugmarks the nature club
19 April, 2011

Your photographs are really wonderful.
I like the play of light, shadow and most important colors in your work. Congrats dear friend. God bless you.

Dr Vijay Kakde
17 April, 2011

Very very good work Ameet,
you have gon far ahead!

9 April, 2011

Wow! your photos of snakes are fabulous. Congratulations!!!
A. Shine
8 April, 2011

fab superb pics............
2 April, 2011

After watching all the pics things that comes into the mind is
BEAUTIFUL: The nature.
MARVELOUS: The wildlife.
STUNNING: The people. and making all these things close to us is one
Really Ameet the pics are really very nice and one gets the feel of each and every scene you have clicked. A new name for you: Mr.Click :)

Sunil Wig
1 April, 2011

Your web site is absolutely perfect, pictures are great and design beautifull
Claudy GUIOT
17 March, 2011

hey .. ameet hi !! your work is very thoughtful ,, good :) & thanks appreciating my work :)

Azhar Inamdar
16 March, 2011

Hey Ameet...Very neat and unique it! your work is awesome and i loved your shots...Keep it happening!
keep in touch..:-)

Kishwar Adil Nensey
15 March, 2011

Hi Ameet
Spectacular work dude, keep it up.

Sameer Lohakare
6 March, 2011

Hi Amit
Amazing site…I loved ur website too unique n creative…loved ur work, keep it up

nilesh jain
2 March, 2011

Very nice and clean work, we wish for your great success
Rakesh Arora
27 Feb, 2011

Thank you for your comments, Yes I also like subodh's website very much, I have a different subejcts in photography, my main interest in WILDLIFE and REAL LIFE photography, I hope you have checked my all photography pages. In Subodh's site he captured Nagpur's famous and good locations and he did very good jobs, I am capturing actual life photo and that I really love to shoot, I would like to know your name, please mention if possible, Thanks again for your visit and comments, do visit again... Ameet
dear ameet, i got ur website link last week through an email. both of u i.e subodh and u both have a similar website, but by my knowledge subodh\'s idea was unique and ur work is just the replica, i like subodh\'s nagpur photos much better becuase of 2 reasons, 1) original concept.2)in subodh\'s photos i can see the love about nagpur city, not just capturing nagpur. rest of the photos and work are awesome. regards, ur senior
ur well wisher
27 Feb, 2011

good to see your picture..happy clicking!!!
Paren Adhyaru..
24 Feb, 2011

Good photography! keep it up
23 Feb, 2011

gr8 work .. nice pics .... good job .. keep goin ahead !!!!
15 Feb, 2011

Really Wonderful hard work
will see it again & again ...

11 Feb, 2011

your site is extremely beautiful from the first page man
dude best photography ....

10 Feb, 2011

You have beautiful website.
Sachin Korgaonkar
9 Feb, 2011

A thing of beauty is joy for ever.
You are good in capturing beauty.
Gives very soothing, rlaxatio feel.

Dr. Dani
9 Feb, 2011

Hi Ameet,
It\'s Really very amazing photography …..nice collection…………..gud work….. keep it up

8 Feb, 2011

nice pix sir..really like all ur pix....
keep it up sir:)

Taufik khan
8 Feb, 2011

Hi Rohit,
Thank you for your comments, No, That day I was not there with Jayant in zilpi and Glad to know you are passionate about photography. lets meet somewhere sometime, keep visiting, Thanks
Ameet, your photos are lovely really awesome colors, I am also passionate about photography and in learning phase. About your site Jayant Ashtankar told me, we meet at zilpi when me with my friends had gone for photography some days before. I guess you were there, hope will meet soon :)
Rohit Moharil
4 Feb, 2011

Nice work I like it aage badho yar
Pankaj Dawande
3 Feb, 2011

keep up.
3 Feb, 2011

nice vernture...
prafull kshirsagar
2 Feb, 2011

A beautiful collection of photographs. The eye behind the camera seems to be very inquisitive and appreciative. I am happy to have seen the collection.
C. S. Ojha
2 Feb, 2011

ameet the photo on site r just amazing and have well maintained...keep it up boy!!!
aavishkar deshmukh
1 Feb, 2011

great website, your photographs are technically very sound.
but..... one question remain in my mind..... is that...
what is creativity? and i think creativity is the next step of technique. thank you and best wishesh

dilip dhore
1 Feb, 2011

I am not a good photographer but surely understand good photography.
Your love for nature is ozzing out from each photo. Keep your burning fire alive.
I am sure you are going to be \"The Great Man\" of India.

Madhukar Ingole
1 Feb, 2011

Awesome photos, Ameet!! Loved your work!!
Amrita Puntambekar
1 Feb, 2011

31 Jan, 2011

Amazing photos.Can u tell me the tric how do u click such lovely pics :)
30 Jan, 2011

Nice work amit! Keep it up!
Sunil R.
28 Jan, 2011

Great Work Ameet, Keep it up :)
Dipak Asole
20 Jan, 2011

its nice pictures go on
neelesh gaidhane
20 Jan, 2011

Your photograph are really fantastic and so is your web site .
I liked both. Ilked the play of light in your photograph of Nagpur landscape group. Congratulations and best wishes.

Vijay Kakde
19 Jan, 2011

Great Great. Ab time milta honga itne acche phots lene ke liye. Really awesome. Keep going on
Pranit Kothari
19 Jan, 2011

Ameet, thats is awesome photography and great site design, all the best for your future
Anand B
18 Jan, 2011

to good..
13 Jan, 2011

very nice
ashish ujawane
13 Jan, 2011

Well I am speechless. I am not an artist to comment on your work. Looks very professional, someday you will make a fortune out of this.
Rahul Moroney
13 Jan, 2011

Gr8 work amit.. very nice pics.. keep up the good work...
awesh shrivastava
13 Jan, 2011

gr8..keep going from
11 Jan, 2011

Great Pics Brother.....
Its said tht \"we dnt take a pic ..we just Borrow it!\" nd u have Borrowed some amazing Moments Frm Mother Nature...
Keep Clicking!

Tharun Bhaskaran
10 Jan, 2011

Your Photography is really very good. Best luck!
7 Jan, 2011

Excellent work..keep going
Amit Paul
7 Jan, 2011

Awesome photos buddy ... keep posting more ... :)
Sumeet Khande
6 Jan, 2011

Great work done Ameet !! Keep it up !
Laukik Desai
6 Jan, 2011

nice photos
5 Jan, 2011

Great Job Ameet......Fabulous pictures..Keep it up Dear..
Abuzar Siddiqui
5 Jan, 2011

Lovely willdife images. Once can see a great collection buidling up. Keep it up..Cheerz
Saran Vaid
5 Jan, 2011

This is called passion! Simply awsome!!! Good work Amit!
Anuja Deshpande
5 Jan, 2011

hi Amit,it was wonderful expereince to see ur site...lovely wrk n keep it up.
shailesh meshram
4 Jan, 2011

great work yaar,keep it up !
I m proud to be ur freind.
waiting for new photo............

pankaj buradkar
3 Jan, 2011

Hi Ashvini,
Thanks for your valuable comments, I will surely findout some different way of presentation. keep visiting, Thanks
photography is excellent no dought but choose new way for presenting urself i think....

ashvini shrikant kinhikar (Tamboli)
3 Jan, 2011

Nice site Ameet. Excellent collection of photos...
Keep it up....

3 Jan, 2011

Nice Work Ameet. Keep it up
Ajay Potey
3 Jan, 2011
Shailesh Ghodpage
2 Jan, 2011

your website is really very can add different photos of people in diff. luck for future.
rajesh solanke
29 Dec, 2010

Great work dear....awesome photography
Ashish Rangari
29 Dec, 2010

Your work speaks louder than our words but still cannot stop myself from saying awesome. One think I would like to see in the photos is more information about aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity related setting that would definitely help other to get more understanding of the photos.
Shailesh Ghodpage
29 Dec, 2010

Hi Ameet. Really good site.
Bhagyashree Gaikee
26 Dec, 2010

Nice work Ameet. Keep it up.
26 Dec, 2010

supperb work amit simply awesome...loving it....checked almost all of them.. some times i need these kinda stuff as refs for 3d work.. is it ok if i ask u some lowres images...
26 Dec, 2010

Hey really nice work. good photography..and yes do add ur sketches also..
So what else ..Photographer ,Wild Life Lover, Web Designer, Painter....
anything else i am missing plz Add on the list .. :)

Nitin Palewar
25 Dec, 2010

Hey dude I don't believe, the site is created by u is just gr8.
Kahaan se chora re.
Keep it up & add more photos of Nagpur.

Pankaj Shivankar
25 Dec, 2010

Dear amit I saw your web site & I really liked your work. keep it up
Vivek Ranade
24 Dec, 2010

Badiya hei bhai, but i thibk font, font size, & font color mei thoda changes needs some ligt colur also.
Vinod Joseph
24 Dec, 2010

Good work, superb site Ameet.
keep the good thing going...

Hari Das Kumaran
24 Dec, 2010

very good amit...............
umesh g. charole
24 Dec, 2010

khupch chan ..... keep it up
20 Dec, 2010

Fantastic work ameet, keep it up.
Vishal Kulkarni
20 Dec, 2010

cant belive that amit have shoot it...but really good composed and good caught...wid natural colours..."AAPRATIM"
aavishkar deshmukh
20 Dec, 2010

Excellent work :)
best wishes for future work!!!!
Keep it up.......

Priya Joshi
20 Dec, 2010

commendable work...... hats off !!!! All the best :)
Neha Surjikar
18 Dec, 2010

Love the site and your photographs & luck
Vijay Gavde
16 Dec, 2010

What a collection of wildlife photos, nagpur too, Great!. loved it
16 Dec, 2010

I like all ur pics! well done !!
Ajay Raibole
16 Dec, 2010

please put your sketches/paintings
16 Dec, 2010

Your choice of subject is very creative. I also like the way that you used different angles of the subjects.
This site is aesthetically pleasing and has market potential. Very good work Amit.

Avinash Patil
16 Dec, 2010

sayan kar bhowmik
15 Dec, 2010

Great Pics Ameet
Rodney Norman
14 Dec, 2010

Great photo's which give's us new...........way. Keep it up.........!
13 Dec, 2010

We as an organization have a very good experience with this group.
We really appreciate the sevices offered to us.
We wish them Good Luck for future. Thank you,

Ashwin Jawade - M.M.Enviro Projects Pvt. Ltd.
13 Dec, 2010

Amazing portfolio Ameet! :) way to go ! I really loved the moments you captured!
Sumant modak
13 Dec, 2010

Great job buddy. Keep it up
Sandeep Jain
13 Dec, 2010

Hey Ameet awesome job! I just love all photographs.. Keep loading new snaps
11 Dec, 2010

Awesome work......keep it up.....
10 Dec, 2010

Good work Ameet. Keep it up.
Sheel Ghule
9 Dec, 2010

The amount of efforts you have put to click each photo is really commenedable. There are many winning entries for any International Wildlife Photography contest...Congratulations and Thanks for sharing this wonderful artwork
Sameer Gautam
9 Dec, 2010

Nice snaps! Ameet
Rahul Bedge
9 Dec, 2010

Awesome designing and good photography .. keep it up !!
9 Dec, 2010

Nicely designed site! Congrats!
Nikhil Bandiwadekar
8 Dec, 2010

Hi Ameet Nice site
Quick Insure
8 Dec, 2010

Your photography reveals the sensetivity of ur personality.
All the Best by heart to touch the new high in ur eternal qualities.

Ashish Mahajan
7 Dec, 2010

brilliant photography and very well presentation
keep it up! :)

7 Dec, 2010

Very nice photography. Keep it up....
Sanjay Baghel
7 Dec, 2010

Awesome site ameet! Thanks for sharing. Best wishes for future!!!
Kanchan Agrawal
7 Dec, 2010

I'll be waiting for more photos, Mast photographs again & again. Keep it up...
7 Dec, 2010

Nice work amit. Its fantabulously fantastic. Go ahead man. good luck!
Vilas Zade
6 Dec, 2010

The Photos are really nice.The site is very well developed with nice colors. Add more data to yor designing work
Somesh Vaidya
6 Dec, 2010

So, you are at a great age to start finding out about what you are best at and enjoy the most.
I like your work a lot... keep up the good work !!!

6 Dec, 2010

Good workout and nice to see u passionate!!!
6 Dec, 2010

Excellent work Ameet. Nice Photos. Keep it up.:)
Siddhartha Dubey
6 Dec, 2010

A good work from you Buddy... a new exposure to your work . nice Collection too... :)
Yogesh Kawle
6 Dec, 2010

classic is d word..great work ameet...n keep it up :)
Ashwini Fegade
6 Dec, 2010

Very nice... but please change BG black colour...
6 Dec, 2010

Great Work!! The another side of Ameet is now opened for the world to explore. Keep it up & Good Luck. :)
Nilesh Shinde
6 Dec, 2010

Excellent collection of photos and very well presented. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to see more from you Amit!
Piyush Thacker
6 Dec, 2010

Nice Collection of Talented Person.
Shrikant Kinhikar
6 Dec, 2010

Awesome site Ameet! Fabulous pictures, your designing and photography sense is amazing. Keep up the good work.
Manjusha Singh
6 Dec, 2010

Awesome Wildlife Pictures man, Best of luck....
Carol McCracken
5 Dec, 2010

Excellent photos. colors are wonderful and also composition too. congratulations!
Sachin Gawde
5 Dec, 2010

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