Let me introduce myself to you…briefly!

Apart from carrying a name Ameet Dhapulkar, I am an Art lover with a passion to discover beauty of Art consistently.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Applied Arts from Nagpur University in 2003. Since then I have been working as a Creative Lead, Usability Engineer, Wildlife Photographer, Graphic & UI Designer for various companies clients.

My love is to visit various forests, national parks, different places and capture the exquisite wildlife and real life moments… which for me is the greatest pleasure!! Learning from Life!! I climb trees.. walk through muddy slippery ways.. forgetting the troubles of cold or rain… wait for hours.. only for that ONE MOMENT!! And finally I really feel proud that I am one of them who really wants to feel the beauty of our Wildlife & Nature!

As a designer I specialize in creating images of the Wildlife, Nature, People, etc. I offer fine photographic prints for home, office and commercial licensing. I also offer UX, UI design and development services for the Artists, Companies and Other Businesses.

I have put some of my work on the website. Visit the image archive to browse my few collection of photos. Your comments/suggestions would be really valuable for me to learn more.

Thank you!
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